Lead Poisoning Screenings

Why should I bring my child in for a free screening?

The screenings will reveal your child’s lead level in the blood. A level of 20 ug/dl or higher, or two blood tests showing levels of 15 to 19 ug/dl, means your child’s health is at risk and the health department must come to your home and help you find the hazards.

Why does lead poisoning occur?

In Iowa, children are often exposed to too much lead becauses of lead-based paint that is in bad condition. This can happen if your child:

  • Eats lead-based paint chips
  • Chews on surfaces with lead-based paint
  • Puts dirty hands, toys, bottles, or pacifiers in their mouths
  • Plays in dirt or sandbox near an old building or place where an old building has been torn down
  • Breathes in dust from lead-based paint that is being scraped, sanded, or removed with a heat gun
  • Plays in areas like windows where there are paint chips

How do I know if my home is safe?

Your home is probably safe if it was built before 1960 and has no older furniture or toys in it.

You may contact the office of Dr. Wenger-Keller for a booklet that will help you identify lead hazards in your home and will guide you in making your home lead-safe for children.