About Dr. Wenger-Keller

Dr. David Wenger-Keller is a highly trained and qualified family practitioner with an extensive expertise in all facets of his work, especially fibromyalgia, asthma, and allergies. Dr. Wenger-Keller has been in practice for more than 38 years and serves patients within Fort Madison Physicians and Surgeons in Fort Madison, Iowa.

Dr. David Wenger-Keller attended The Medical College of Ohio at Toledo, where he graduated with his Medical Degree in 1978. He subsequently completed his Family Medicine residency within the same educational venue. Dr. Wenger-Keller is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. To keep up to date with the latest advances and developments in his field, he maintains a professional membership with the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Dr. Wenger-Keller also does emergency medicine working 6-8 shifts monthly, and is the Medical Director of the local hospice, local EMS services, and two area nursing homes. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, Dr. Wenger-Keller teaches medical students from Des Moines University in Des Moines, Iowa. He attributes his success to taking great care of people, being kind, and making a positive difference every day one person at a time. When he is not assisting patients, Dr. Wenger-Keller enjoys cooking, watching movies, and traveling.

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